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Fed up with the rat race, and the busy life of congested cities? More and more people are looking for ways to escape the daily grind, perhaps feeling a bit disenchanted about the good ol' American dream so many people were sold over past decades.

What happened to the American Dream?

Is the American Dream dead? Not so fast. For a lot of people it seems to be dead as a doornail, but for others the American Dream is still out there to be had.

Tired of the City? Want Something Better for Your Children?

The fact is, a lot of people are not happy with the cities or jam-packed expensive suburbs that they currently live. Who can blame people? With the rising costs of housing, the growing traffic problems and long commute times in most major cities across America, the periodic smog in some cities, and the list goes on -- yes, there are several reasons for being fed up and wanting to find a better community to move to.

But Where Do You Move To?

American Moving Guides wants to help you find that answer. By carefully analyzing locations across the United States and even Canada, such as little known areas (gems) like Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, this program seeks to use our own research coupled with what the locals think and say about their specific areas, to present helpful and detailed guides to help people decide what communities in America would be most suitable for them.

What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?

Oh, you don't have any free time because you're caught up in the rat race of life, and you spend several hours each week just sitting in traffic, growing older by the minute?

Have you ever considered how much more freedom you would have if you had a much shorter commute? How about 10 minutes? What if you lived in a lesser populated area that put you a lot closer to work? I'm not talking about moving closer to the big city and all the hassles, noise, and rush that comes with that. I'm talking about strategically finding a beautiful mid-size town with a high quality of life and lower cost of living than most modern metropolitan areas.

What About California?

Unless you can afford to live near the ocean, much of California is hot -- too hot for most people coming from northern states and many have learned the hard way.

What About Texas and Florida?

Texas and Florida do offer ocean beaches, and plenty of sun, but their summers -- which can be long -- come with high humidity, and if you're not accustomed to that kind of humidity, moving to Texas or Florida is something to put plenty of consideration into beforehand. But then of course, there's moving to Austin to talk about, if you're thinking of moving to Texas.

What About the Midwest?

Ok, so typically, not a lot of migration has taken place to Midwest cities outside the "norm." But that is changing. Cities like Omaha, Nebraska and Des Moines, Iowa and Fayatteville, Arkansas are ranking high on lists of Midwest cities to consider moving to for both jobs and a better quality of life. Want to leave the rat race of major West Coast or East Coast cities and head to the heartland? Omaha, Des Moines, and Fayatteville are heartland cities to consider for you and or your family that may follow.

You Can Become a Snowbird, Live in Two States

Snowbirds are those people that spend their spring and summers in the northern states like Washington, Idaho, New York, and Maine but then leave for their second homes in places like Florida or Arizona, where they get pleasant winter weather a lot of the time and escape the harsh and sometimes miserable winter months of the northern states.

To afford that kind of lifestyle you have to commonly be well-off financially, or retired, or have no children or have children who are all grown up and out of the house.

Did you know that with some strategic life planning it may be possible to have a lower income and still have two homes in two different states that you live at different times of the year? For those people currently locked into careers with companies they commute to each day, this typically isn't possible. But it is possible for people who work from home and nowadays there are a lot of people who work from home and run their own businesses full time that way.

Working From Home Creates A Lot More Options for Moving

A lot of those companies are web based companies while others are sometimes people who telecommute. For example, if you have some basic medical background you can work as a transcriptionist right from your home. Whatever your intentions are for moving, use to discover great places to live and several places you probably want to stay away from.

Or maybe you just need a moving consultant?

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