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Moving to Austin, Texas for a Better Quality of Life

10 Reasons to Consider Moving to Austin

When you talk to someone from Austin, you get the impression that Austin is an amazing place to live much of the year. The only drawback is the hot summer heat. A lot of people choose to spend the summers indoors with the cool AC but realistically, if you adjust your lifestyle, you'll find some amazing mornings to start your day in Austin, especially if the idea of a hillside hike shortly after sunrise thrills your inner adventure seeker.

As the morning gets a bit warmer, nows the time to consider a dip in of the many popular swimming holes that dot the area in and around Austin. Then, by noon make your way home and to the AC. That's one way to enjoy many days of an Austin summer.

Austin isn't far from the ocean

Then of course there's the ocean. Austin is only a 3 - 4 hour drive from the Gulf of Mexico, where sub-tropical beaches await. Beaches near Corpus Christi attract people from Austin every year, and then of course there are the legendary beaches of San Padre Island further east up the coast.

Austin is close to San Antonio

If you like history and enjoying the site's, Austin's close proximity to San Antonio can be a spectactular way to spend a weekend or vacation enjoying the sites, foods, history, and experience of San Antonio.

Property Prices in Austin

Because Austin is a sought after location to live, even among a number of Texans, the prices for a home are higher overall than other places in Texas. If you don't mind the prices, then it's worth the investment in a home. In fact those prices may climb and so that home you buy today may increase in value in the years ahead.

If price of a home is an issue, then be assured that as you get further into the surburbs and rural communities, thankfully the prices go down but the quality of life may even get better, depending on what it is you are looking for in life. If you're going to live in the suburbs, better choose to work in the suburbs nearby if possible. Traffic in Austin is a complaint, especially during rush hour times. An interstate move to a region that you have possibly never visited can be stressful. Some people do these kind of moves for work when offered a better paying position with their company, while others are sometimes forced to move just to maintain their position with a company.

Sound familiar?

Then of course there are the people that are trying to move far away from cities even as lots more people are trying to crowd into cities.

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